Tiger Springs Ltd

Tiger Springs Ltd, is a trusted name that guarantees a smooth service for every professional truck driver, mechanic, and service garages of trucks, trailers, and skip loaders.

The company began its initial operations in 1982 with the construction and repair of leaf springs and U-bolts for trucks and trailers. At the time, most trucks and trailers were built with steel suspension systems.


With the development and upgrading of technology in modern, high quality air suspension systems, Tiger Springs Ltd proceeds with the import and supply of modern suspension systems. In essence, the company has brought into the Cyprus market all the necessary replacement parts and modern suspension systems for trucks and trailers. Over the years, the size of the company has increased.

Large-scale companies have joined the Tiger Springs’ network of associates. The range of products for trucks, trailers and skip loaders the company provides has increased to a great extent. In addition to the suspension systems, the company introduces among others, new trailer units, a greater range of spare parts and accessories for truck and trailers, hydraulic systems, air valves, air compressors, driving axles, as well as cooling systems for commercial vans and trailers.

Targets and Ambitions

Tiger Springs Ltd was formed with the aim to serve the professional driver and service repair centres for trucks and trailers, constructing, introducing, and supplying top quality components. It has also offered immediate after-market service, rising quickly in the assessment of clients, and creating a secure and trustworthy name in the market.

The company’s philosophy enables it to reach and meet higher targets.

In Tiger Springs Ltd, our main mission is to provide the much needed support and overall service to every professional driver and service centre through our highly specialised and top-quality maintenance centres.

Applying our philosophy – to be behind every move of the professional driver – Tiger Springs Ltd has created the conditions for supporting and supplying the Cyprus market with its range of products and services and its experienced staff and specialised support centres across the island.

Recognising the needs of the Cyprus market, the company has also invested in the field of refrigeration systems. Based on the experience and knowledge obtained from the day-to-day support and operations through trucks and trailers, the company has managed to set a strong foot in the area, by introducing cooling systems for commercial 

vans, trailers and refrigerated vehicles. Tiger Springs Ltd is now a healthy and economically vibrant company. It continues its activity in the Cyprus market, seeking always new partnerships and ways to improve and enlarge the delivery of products and services to all its customers.

Pavlos Psaltis

Executive Director / Owner

Born in 1965 in Nicosia, Cyprus, Mr. Pavlos Psaltis started taking up leadership roles from a young age. He served in the Cypriot Forces and attended the Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of West of England Bristol’s International College) in the United Kingdom in 1985. He specialised as a mechanical engineer for steel-made auto-parts and focused on obtaining an international experience that would bring further innovation later on at the company.

By 1990, he decided to make the bold move to return to Cyprus and take over Tiger Springs, bringing new knowledge in the production process and the local industry.

Such knowledge and expertise were soon put to the test due to changes in the manufacturing process. In 1999, Tiger Springs decided to move from steel-suspension to air-suspension-based parts. This was a crucial decision in the upgrading of the company further by investing in new parts. Mr. Psaltis initiated this process by establishing the first contact with one of Tiger Spring’s most trusted allies to date – Hyva International. Meeting Hyva’s Mr. J. Vaandrager in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands helped boost Tiger Spring’s grasp of the Cypriot market, giving the company a rather competitive edge.

From that point on, Mr. Psaltis focused on a quest for continually improving, staying up to date with new developments in the industry, and the international markets, as well as developing new techniques that shape the Cypriot auto-parts market. Mr. Psaltis has been regularly participating in several conferences and seminars, both at home and abroad.