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Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, a member of Psaltis Group of Companies, is a guaranteed name for every truck driver, mechanic, service garages of trucks, trailers and skip loaders.

Start trading in 1985 with the construction and repair of Spring Leafs and U-bolts for trucks and trailers.

At the time most trucks and trailers were build with steel suspension systems. With the development and upgrading of technology in modern, high quality air suspension systems, Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd proceed with the import and supply to its customers, these modern suspension system. In essence, brought into the Cyprus market, all the necessary replacement parts and modern suspension systems for Trucks and Trailers.

Over the years, the business cycle of Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd has increases and big named companies in their field, have joined the network of associates. The range of products for trucks, trailers and skip loaders increases to a great extent. In addition to the suspension systems, the company, introduces among others, new trailer units, more range of spare parts and accessories for Truck and Trailers, hydraulic systems, air valves, air compressors, driving axles and cooling systems for commercial vans and trailers.



In Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, we try to operate & maintain an organization capable of hearing the needs of the professional driver. We live with them on a daily basis, drive the truck, we became a partner and provided them with the best that exist in the world market.

Our success is due to the trust and preference given to us by our partners.

The professional drivers of trucks, trailers, skip loaders, the companies who have chosen the cooling systems and others who have collaborated with us, we have all embrace and have raised the name of Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd at the top.


Thank you!!!

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